You have questions about our programs and services? We have answers!

Hot Lunches

Order your child a hot lunch through Kid's Kitchen instead of packing a lunch. Please order by the evening before the lunch.


1. What is the ratio of counsellors to campers?
    JK and SK (as of fall 2016) - Primary Division: 1:5 ratio with 10 campers in each group.
    Grade One and Grade Two - Junior Division: 1:7 ratio with 14 campers in each group.
    Grade Three and Four -Intermediate Division: 1:8 ratio with 16 campers in each group.
    Grade Five and Six - Sophomore : 1:8 ratio with 16 campers in each group.
    Grade Seven and Eight-Senior Division : 1:10 ratio with 10 campers in each group.
2. At what age are campers allowed to participate in certain events?
    Canoeing, Climbing Wall: 6 years old and older
    Thursday Night Adventure: 6 years old and older
    Tricycles and peddle bikes : 4 - 5 years old
    Mountain Biking: 8 years old and older
    Archery: 8 years and older
3. Can my child be in the same group as his/her friends?
    Yes, we accommodate group requests within the same age range. Please indicate on your registration form the name of the child you wish to have in the same group as your child.
4. What are the hours for before and after care?
    Before Care hours are 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.
    After Care hours are 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
    The fee for before care is $55/week/family, and after care is $70/week/family. A snack is provided in the After Care program. Families using both before and after care the fee is $110/week. Families need to be registered for before and after care for this price. Occasional, unregistered use is $12 Before Care and $15/After Care/family.
5. Is bussing available?
    We have two bussing options! Community pick-up and Drop-off is $55.00/wk. There are 33 Community Pick-up and Drop-Off locations within the GTA. Door to door bussing is available for $100/wk (anywhere within our bus boundaries). You must register for bussing a minimuum of two weeks prior to the first day of the camping period. One way bussing is available at the full weekly rate. Click here to get more information on bussing at Willowgrove Day Camp
6. What are the bussing boundaries?
    South East: Brock Rd. and Steeles Avenue
    South West: Dufferin Ave. and Hwy 401
    North: Davis Drive in Newmarket
    East: North of Bloomington - Durham Rd. 30, South of Bloomington - Brock Rd.
    West: Dufferin Ave
    If you live out side our bus boundaries please call our office or email us to make arrangements. We have 33 Community Pick Up locations within the GTA.
7. How often do campers swim?
    Everyone has the opportunity to go swimming each day. We encourage everyone to participate in the Red Cross Swim at Camp program which includes water safety, group water aerobics and individual assistance with swimming skills. We will attempt to notify parents if their child has not participated in the swim program for more than 2 days. We ask you also encourage your child to try swimming.
8. What are the ratios for lifeguards to camper in the pool?
    All lifeguards have National Lifesaving Society (NLS) qualifications. Both aquatic and counseling staff are in the pool for each session at all times. The ratio is 1:5, we follow Ontario Camping Association guidelines.
9. What is the temperature of the water in the pool?
    Both pools are heated and kept at 80 degrees Fahrenheit (26.7 degrees Celsius) all summer.
10. Can all campers swim in the deep end of the pool?
    Campers have to pass a deep end test before being allowed to swim in the deep end of the big pool. Once they pass this test they will be given a bracelet to wear for the duration of their time at camp indicating they are allowed in the deep end. Please allow your camper to wear it for the duration of their stay with us.
11. How old are the people on your staff and do you have any special requirements for them?
    All members of our staff are high school and university students 16 years and older. Everyone on our staff has been interviewed, have reference checks, and has an interest in working with children in future careers.
      - All staff are required to obtain a Police Check which is kept on file.
      - Our staff are trained in health and safety, emergency procedures, child development, behaviour management and restorative discipline, and interactive program delivery.
      - Our staff are supported and evaluated by our Camp Director and support staff team throughout the summer.
12. Do you accept campers who have special needs?
    Yes, of course! Campers with special needs between the age of 4 and 13 years old are welcome. They will be integrated into a group of their peers by an inclusion counsellor who is responsible for helping the child participate in all aspects of the camp day to the extent possible. To apply for this program you need to fill out a Special Needs Camper Information Form so that our staff has a good idea how best to serve your child. Please contact the office at 905-640-2127 or by emailing office@willowgrovedaycamp.ca for more information about our inclusion programs.
    All campers in our Special Needs Program need to be:
        toilet trained,
        able to communicate, and
        independently mobile.
    If your camper has difficulty with one of the above, we suggest sending their own inclusion support worker with them that you would hire. If you are hiring your own support worker, the Day Camp additional Special Needs support worker fee would not apply. Any outside support workers will have to provide the camp with a current original Criminal Background Check.
13. Do you offer subsidies for families in need?
    Yes, we offer financial assistance to families with financial need. To apply for this program you need 1) to write a letter outlining your family circumstances and how camp will help your child and your family. Typically, the maximum allowable amount is 50% subsidy for 2 weeks of camp/child, excluding bus and/or additional service fees. We also offer a variety of payment plans.
14. What is the registration deadline?
    The Special Needs program fills up very quickly - usually by the end of March, as we have very limited space.
    July is our busiest month. If you are requesting weeks in July, please book by the end of April to guarantee you get your selected weeks. If you would like to extend weeks in August, there usually isn't a problem but we can't guarantee availability.
    Our LIT and CIT programs also have limited spaces and fill up quickly, register early to avoid disappointment

    For door to door busing you need to register a minimum of two weeks in advance of the camp period your child is attending. If you are registering less than 2 weeks in advance and you require bus service, we may be able to accommodate campers at Community Pick-up locations that are already scheduled for the week that you planning to attend. Call our office at 905-640-2127 to make arrangements.

    Waiting Lists will occur when specific age groups in specific weeks are filled. In order to be on the Wait List, we require a completed application as well as a deposit. If your camper does not get into the requested week, the deposit will be refunded in full.
15. Can we visit the site before camp starts ?

    Feel free to call the camp office at 905-640-2127 to arrange a personal tour of our camp grounds and facilities.
16. What is your refund policy?
    Refunds can be requested up until June 1st. After June 1, 2018, a medical certificate is required with any refund request. We will make every effort to accommodate a request to change a registration to a different week.