Life at Camp

A Typical Day

9:00 Arrival

Campers arrive at camp and participate in a variety of supervised activities while we wait for everyone to arrives. Younger campers are walked to their group areas by our program staff to make sure that everyone knows where they are going.

9:30 Activity Areas

Groups travel around to one of our amazing activity areas following their designated group schedule. Click here to see a sample schedule of the day

10:00 Snack (Pr & Jr)

Primary and Junior groups get a short break to sit in the shade and refuel with a snack sent from home. Once snack is done, it’s back to activity areas!

12:00 Lunch

All groups have a designated area to eat lunch around camp. These areas are in nice shaded areas. Once campers are done eating lunch, they can participate in special lunch time activities that are in their group lunch area.

12:45 Activity Areas (Pr & Jr), Widegame/workshops (Int+)

Primary and Junior groups get to head to their next scheduled activity after lunch while the Intermediate, Sophomore and Senior groups get to either play a wide game (think epic games like 4 way soccer) or chose a specialized workshop activity.

1:45 Tuck

It’s time to take a break and get a freezie!

2:00 Activity Areas

After a quick freezie break, it's back to the scheduled activities!

3:30 Camp Wide Event

Before everyone goes home, we come together to sing some camp songs and hear important messages about the next day. On Friday’s we also give out our weekly awards!

4:00 Departure

Campers are either escorted to the bus/car pickup area or to our after care program where they will get a snack and choose what activity they would like to participate in