Meals and Snacks at Camp

Peanuts and Treenuts at camp

Every year we have campers attending throughout the summer that have life threatening nut allergies. In no way do we want to compromise their personal safety during their stay at camp. Because campers or visitors may unintentionally bring food items containing nut products to camp, we cannot guarantee a nut-free environment. However, we take every measure possible to keep nut products away from our campers.

Please assist us by NOT sending any nuts, nut products or any products that may contain nuts, including any item from bulk food that does not come pre-sealed. It is important to read labels carefully for ingredients, although most products that are unsafe will contain warnings on the nutrition label.

Snacks and Lunches

Primary and Junior campers (age 4-7) have scheduled morning and afternoon snack to help them refuel throughout the day. All campers have a designated lunch period and receive a freezie each day that is provided by camp. Campers that stay for aftercare will receive a camp provided snack.

While snacks have to be packed and brought from home, we have two great option for extra special lunches!

Kids Kitchen is based out of Markham and they make healthy, homemade meals and deliver them to camp! This is a great way to provide a hot lunch while at camp. Click here for more information on Kids Kitchen.

Sub Lunchs are available for purchase every Friday of camp. Each sub lunch comes with a juice box and a granola bar. Subs are 6 inches with a variety of toppings to choose from. Sub order forms are sent out in the weekly email to all parents.

Snack and Dinner at Adventure Camp

Every Thursday we have a special program where campers can stay at camp until 9pm. This program includes a snack at 4 pm and a delicious cookout meal that is prepared here at camp and is included in the Adventure Camp fees. To learn more about Adventure Camp, please click here.