Discover why our staff are such an important part of the Willowgrove Day Camp experience

Ask our campers what they like best about Willowgrove Day Camp and it won’t be long before you hear the names of a counselor or staff member. That’s no surprise because they are such an important part of every program.

Many of our counselors and staff members have a long-standing history at Willowgrove that involved coming up through the ranks as campers, Counsellors-In-Training (C.I.T.), lifeguards, resource staff and supervisors. All have the following things in common:

    - they went through an interview process and special training
    - they have a genuine interest in helping children
    - they understand the importance of not just delivering our programs, but also promoting the life lessons based on Christian values that help nurture the physical, spiritual, social and emotional growth of every camper
    - they are committed to adhering to our code of conduct