Here are common questions that our customers first ask when booking our site for their events.

Will both children and adults be charged?
    Yes, excluding children 2 yrs old and under. Also, in order to make our facility safe and accessible for visitors of all abilities, any support persons required for visitors with disabilities to participate in our programming will not be charged.
Do we have to clean up after ourselves?
    Yes. We ask that you leave the site as you found it. In order to maintain our environmentally friendly mission statement we encourage waste-less rentals at Willowgrove. If you chose to leave your recycling and garbage for us to dispose of a $50 waste removal fee applies. You may leave your compost on site as we use it on our fields, but please ensure no plastic enters the bins.
Is the $100 deposit refundable?
    No. The $100 deposit secures your booking and is therefore no longer available to any other renters. As long as there are no damages to the facility this deposit will be subtracted from the total on your invoice.
Is there a certain time I need to check out for the morning?
    Yes. You must discuss the duration of your rental in advance with your host. If your group does wish to stay longer they will be charged the applicable rate. Any group staying later than 10pm will be charged as an overnight group and groups staying overnight must vacate the property before 12pm. If there are no other renters and you’d like to stay longer you can speak to your host.
Are we allowed to smoke or drink on site?
    No. As a protected green space that caters to children, and as a Christian organization, we do not permit the use of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal narcotics of any kind on site. If this rule is not respected your group will forfeit your deposit and you may be asked to leave the facility.
Are there discounts?
    Yes. Groups of over 100 renters save 7%, over 200 save 8%, and over 300 save 10%. As a charity ourselves, we can not unfortunately give discounts to other charities. Sponsoring organizations within the Mennonite community do receive 15% off rental fees.