All Year Programs

Programs you can learn from all year long

Outdoor Skills

    Orienteering - North, East, South and West. Students will learn the basics of orienteering. They will be able to identify the various parts and symbols of a compass. Using a compass, students will work individually or in pairs, navigating themselves from point to point through one of Willowgrove's orienteering courses. Adequate adult supervision is recommended.
    Map and Tree Study - What do all those symbols and labels mean on a map? How do you read and understand all the different features? As you cross the stream and go through the woods, as you travel and learn how to read your map, you'll discover everything and more there is to know about maps. Discover interesting facts about trees as you find your way around Willowgrove.
    Photo Orienteering - Students will learn the basics of orienteering. They will be able to identify the various parts and symbols of a compass. Using a compass, students will work in pairs or in teams and travel the property with a photo in hand to locate a specific spot at which point they'll attempt to align themselves in the same bearing as the person who took the photo. A fun and challenging task!
    Wilderness Survival - Would you know what to do if you became lost or disoriented in the woods? In this program, students will learn basic wilderness survival techniques. There are 2 activity options for this program: Shelter Building or Fire Building. Half day groups select one option, full day groups participate in both. All groups participate in a discussion of survival techniques, survival kits and strategies to ensure survival in the event of becoming lost in the wilderness.
    Web of Life-What role does each animal play in the animal world? Who is the wolf and who is the chipmunk? Students will learn to understand the different roles animals play in the food chain as well as how humans interact with their habitat and community. Taking the role of the animals, students will search to find food and water in an attempt to survive. For more details click on inserted document. Web of Life

    Pioneer (AVAILABLE November through April)

      Pioneer Ways - How did the pioneers wash their clothes or make their food? Look at the various roles of different people within a pioneer village and see how they have influenced present day. Step back in time, try various jobs and tasks, and see first hand how pioneers survived.

    Indigenous Studies-KAIROS Blanket Exercise-

      The Blanket Exercise is an interactive teaching tool (appropriate for grades five to twelve) developed by KAIROS ( an ecumenical social justice organization) in consultation with indigenous leaders to share the historic and contemporary relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada. To learn more about the Blanket Exercise, including teacher information, see the KAIROS website:

    Farm Studies

      Let's Talk Animals - Animals abound in our barns. Come and discover different characteristics of each animal, how they grow, why they are important to the farmer, along with many other interesting details. Included in this program is a wagon ride through our beautiful woodlot and a chance to play in our hayloft playground.

    Team Building and Group Dynamics

      A full day of hands on, engaging and team building activities that can include the following:
      Low Ropes - Activities based on communication, teamwork and co-operation. Come and challenge your students as they work together on completing the various tasks at our low ropes course. Great group building exercises!
      Land Skis - Using our 6 person skis participants have to climb on and hold onto the ropes and work as a team of six to lift, shift and move their skis forward. It's a fun activity of communication and coordination.
      Labyrinth-A giant wooden maze that rocks and pivots with the weight of the students is used to challenge them to coordinate, communicate and be successful at moving a golf ball through the labyrinth without it dropping through its many holes.
      Can Challenge-Using a set of bungee cords, climbing ropes and tin cans students are challenged to work as a team to lift the cans into various forms. Stacking, dropping and knocking them over as they go. It's a great communication activity and challenging for all levels.
      Shelter Building- A shelter can protect you from the sun, insects, wind rain and snow, hot and cold temperatures. It can give you a feeling of well-being. it can help you maintain your will to survive if n a survival situation. Shelter building is also an excellent team building activity that allows students to use their minds and hands in a different way - construction. Students are taken into the woodlot area where there are many materials that can be used to construct lean to and other shelter within small groups.[/u]