Fall Programs

Sweet apples, bright orange pumpkins and more fall delights are waiting for you! In addition to these Fall programs, check out the programs we offer year around in all seasons.

Apple Orchard Tour - (September to Early October)

    Students will visit an orchard where they will have the opportunity to learn about the many varieties of apples, the role of the honey bee in the orchard, issues related to picking, pruning and caring for the orchard and the many products that can be made using apples. Students will also enjoy a wagon ride and will pick an apple to eat.

Garden Galore - (September to Early October)

    What stages do our vegetables go through when they grow? Label different sections of the plant and identify which part we eat. Investigate what our carrots, corn and other vegetables need in order to grow and survive and see how various conditions affect their growth. You won't go away empty handed... each class takes back to school an assortment of our garden fresh produce.

Corn Maze - (September & October)

    Have students take the adventure of working their way through the corn maze. How long will it take them to make it from the start to the finish? A great fall activity that can only be experienced in the wide-open spaces of the country. A fun activity for all ages.

Pumpkin Patch - (October)

    Does a pumpkin float? Plenty of pumpkin knowledge awaits as we participate and learn firsthand various characteristics of pumpkins and see how and where they grow. A visit to the pumpkin patch to pick a class pumpkin, build a pumpkin head scarecrow and pumpkin trivia would all be a part of your pumpkin adventure.