Spring Programs

After a long cold winter bring your class to our farm and see the miracle of nature's rebirth. In addition to these Spring programs, check out the "all year programs" offered all seasons.

Early Spring

Sheep Shearing - April

    Have front row seats at the barbershop as our sheep get a haircut. Learn about the special characteristics of sheep, the importance of wool and how it is processed from animal to your winter wool clothes.

Spring's Sweet Surprise: Maple Syrup - March

    Explore one of Ontario’s great natural resources – the maple tree. Students will learn about how sap is taken from the tree and the process it must go through in order to become maple syrup. Students will help measure and tap a tree, visit the sugar shack, enjoy a puppet show and a wagon ride. Students will also get to sample Willowgrove’s own maple syrup.

Late Spring

Stream and Insect Study

    Look at the basic needs and characteristics of insects. Identify various traits and senses that insects use to meet their needs in their environments. Understand the environment insects live in as you go searching on the "Bug Hunt" and then discover the animals in their habitat at the stream. See how people can either help or hurt this natural habitat while students understand the mechanics of how the stream works and moves. Don't forget your rubber boots as we go exploring for water striders and crayfish.
Plants & Seeds
    Identify the major parts of a plant and discover what it needs to grow. We will explain how a plant changes and grows, as well as it's major needs and characteristics. Students will identify various grains used on a farm and investigate what connection they have to Corn Pops, Marshmallows and many other foods. Along with sorting, grinding and sifting grain, students will discover the importance of the earthworm and what role they play. Students will plant their own seed to take back to school.
Pond Study
    Students will have the opportunity to look at the basic needs and characteristics of insects and aquatic critters by visiting 2 different habitats and catching and classifying creatures. Time will be spent at our pond and in our fields or woodlots to look at the biodiversity of living things that call Willowgrove their home. All equipment such as life jackets, catchers, nets and buckets will be provided for their adventure!