Winter Programs

Bundle up and slide right in to our winter wonderland. In addition to these Winter programs, there are additional program options offered year around in all seasons.


    Snowshoe along the trails at Willowgrove while learning why snowshoes have been so important throughout history. As we walk on top of the snow, try those feet at the Snowshoe Olympics or the challenge of running. A great fitness activity for winter weather.
Snowshoe Teacher Page


    A snow shelter warm enough to sleep in? Snow that needs time to bake? Find out the truth to these questions while you build your quinzhee, the structure that provides great shelter and protection, plus hours of entertainment.


    Try the hills at Willowgrove and participate in some fun going tobogganing on our crazy carpets. Come, enjoy and have a great time.

Christmas Country Traditions - Mid-November to Christmas

    Christmas is a time of year when everyone can hope for peace, share gifts with families and loved ones and capture a child-like excitement. There are many Canadian traditions that are borrowed from other cultures. Come to Willowgrove to learn the history behind some natural traditions such as wreaths and trees, participate in an interactive dramatic story telling session with live farm animals, make a country Christmas craft to take home with you, learn and sing holiday songs around the campfire and enjoy hot chocolate to keep you warm and toasty.