A Typical Camp Day

Are you curious about what will fill your days at camp? They will be packed full of fun! Here is an example of our schedule for this coming summer:

A Typical Day at Fraser Lake Camp

8:00 - Breakfast
8:45 - Morning Watch
9:00 - Cabin clean up
9:15 - Activity 1
10:15 - Morning Snack
10:30 - Activity 2
11:30 - Activity 3
12:30 - Lunch
1:00 - Siesta
2:00 - All-camp swim
3:00 - Tuck
3:15 - Activity 4
4:15 - Interest Session
5:15 - Cabin Time
5:30 - Dinner
6:30 - Camp Wide game
7:30 - Snack
7:45 - Campfire
9:00 - Campers in cabin for cabin reflections & bedtime

Junior Campers are 8-11 years old
Senior Campers are 12-14 years old

Junior campers go with their cabin group to the program activities that will include a variety of the activities on the Program Activities list. Senior campers sign up individually for the four activity sessions that they will go to most days of camp. Fridays are camp wide –all ages-chapel and special event day and include a camp banquet for the evening meal. Program Activities include arts and crafts, canoeing, kayaking, climbing wall and low ropes, nature, bikes, ukuleles & drums, sports and archery. Interest sessions vary each day and give campers an opportunity to try out a variety of activities on the program activities list as well as other added options such as the jumping tower and tube slide. Junior and senior campers choose their interest session each day. Cabin activity is a time to regroup as a cabin at the end of the day and wash up for supper. Tuck is included in the camp fee and is where each child gets to choose a treat from our tuck shop.