Camp Standards

At Fraser Lake Camp, we operate under the following guidelines in order to ensure a safe and healthy camp and work environment.

OCA Standards

Fraser Lake Camp is an Ontario Camps Association (OCA) accredited camp, an organization responsible for setting industry standards and guidelines for the safe operation of camp programs. As a member of the OCA, Fraser Lake Camp is required to follow hundreds of guidelines that cover every aspect of the camp program - including administration, health care, food production, activity instruction, hiring guidelines, and more. These guidelines are met every year in addition to the Ontario Health and Safety Code.

Willowgrove Policies

In addition to following the OCA standards and guidelines, Fraser Lake Camp is a program of Willowgrove. Willowgrove has its own set of operating standards that often exceed the OCA standards. Willowgrove has protocols and procedures in the areas of Health and Safety, Workplace Violence, Social Media and Accessibility.

Staff Hiring Protocols

Summer staff submit an application with references and are screened through an interview process. Most of our staff have completed Fraser’s Counsellor in Training program. Of all staff and volunteers we require a Vulnerable Sector Police Screening, they must complete our one week staff training in June and agree to the Fraser Lake Camp Staff Conduct Agreement. In this way, we have a good understanding of who they are and how they relate to children. Summer staff must be a minimum of 17 years old as of December 31 and many staff are university age.

Counsellor to Camper Ratios

Campers are supervised by counsellors at a ratio of 4:1. Taking support and management staff into account, our ratio is close to 2 campers: 1 staff person.

Health Care and Medications

A key component of our care for the campers comes from our health care team. We seek to have a minimum of one health care professional on site (RN, RPN, Paramedic, or Doctor). Our waterfront team are trained in Standard First Aid and CPR, and many of our regular staff have first aid qualifications. There is a health centre on site with a stock of first aid supplies and over-the-counter medications. There is a hospital in nearby Bancroft should the need arise. Medications are collected by the health care team and kept during the camper’s stay, to be dispensed as needed. All medication brought to camp must be in the original container.

Kitchen and Food Production

Our kitchen staff have completed the Health Department mandated "Safe Food Handler Certification" course. Our kitchen facilities are regularly inspected by the local health department. We designate our camp as “nut aware” and do our best to keep our facility nut-free. Our kitchen staff strive to create menus that can cater to food allergies and sensitivities, so please let us know how we can serve your child.


Our waterfront staff have earned their National Lifesaving Society (NLS) qualifications and regularly participate in emergency response training with the waterfront director.