The Value of Camp

What are the benefits of going to camp?
  • improved confidence and social skills: Time spent with a diverse group of staff and campers helps you to develop empathy and understanding, and gives you life-long skills for working in a group setting.

  • leadership skills: Whether you are helping to lead a crazy song at campfire, or immersed in our leadership development programs, Fraser Lake Camp will help you to grow as a leader.

  • increased time spent in nature: Many recent studies have shown the connection between time in nature and decreased anxiety; and an increased sense of calm, focus, and purpose.

  • time to play, dream, and imagine: Camp has a way of bringing out the “kid” in all of us through dress-up theme meals, raucous campfires, and surprises every day. Fraser will also encourage you to dream new dreams for the world, and to think about how you can live in ways that bring about the type of world that God imagines.

  • challenge by choice: Whether it means deciding to go one “rock” further up on the climbing wall, cooking over an open fire, biking for the first time down a bumpy forest path, or doing a skit in front of others, there are hundreds of opportunities for you to try something new – to push yourself just a little bit further.

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