Why Us?

Fraser Lake Camp’s motto is “Camping with a Purpose.” But what IS that purpose? It seems that there is not just one – there are many! Here is a small collection of what we’ve heard over the years about what Fraser means to campers and staff:

  • I can be myself
  • I feel loved and cared for
  • I learn more about God and faith
  • I learn more about myself and who I can become
  • I discover gifts and talents that I didn’t know I had
  • I make new friendships
  • I spend time in nature
  • I feel like I’m part of a great community
  • I’m accepted for who I am

Why choose Fraser Lake Camp?

  • Because you’re joining a huge family and a space where wonderful memories are formed.
  • Because it’s a second home where all are welcome and accepted.
  • Because you’re coming to a place where you just might leave with more meaning and purpose for your life.
  • Because we work hard at building community and teaching skills to build peace – all things that our world needs today!

What is our purpose? To make you feel at home, and to encourage you to discover and become the amazing person that God created you to be.

Will you join us this summer?

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